Pipe Facing Machine

RP series pipe end facing machine is mainly used for long-distance oil/gas pipe beveling before welding, which is the critical necessary equipment for pipeline welding.

The whole beveling machine includes two main parts: pipe facing machine and hydraulic power unit. The pipe facing machine is used for pipe tension and end facing, the hydraulic power unit provides power for pipe facing machine to work. The hydraulic power is generated from diesel engine which is wireless electric control, the rotation speed cruising control provides stable rotation for the beveling.

The hydraulic power unit adopts an open variable pump, the main pump and the auxiliary pump work in series, the main pump is only responsible for the rotation of the cutter head, the auxiliary pump provides power for the tension of the pipe facing machine and the feed movement of the cutter head.

The RP series pipe facing machine can bevel V-type, U-type, X-type and other composite type which can meet the requirements of pipeline automatic welding.